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I was inspired to do this by a conversation between Joe Rogan and Brendan Schaub on JRE.  Brendan seemed very unhappy about not being able to tell his timeless and universal jokes about Asian Barbers not being known for their fly haircut giving ability, because of the whole quarantine ruining comedy thing, and I got to thinking Comedians aren’t the most mentally healthy people.  We are going to lose half our comedians (atleast) to suicide, and probably not the ones you’d want to die.  See above. 

I believe that we need to start the economy up again because its going to be bad for everyone, especially ironically the elderly  whose retirement savings will likely be eroded by massive inflation.

What? is a campaign to get people back to work and also a website where people who want the quarantine to end now, can meet halfway, those people who want the quarantine to continue, by volunteering to help those people, bury their elderly relatives.

Also to raise support for this issue we are encouraging people to record short videos of why they need to get back to work, and adding the hashtag #buryyourgrandma and posting them on Twitter or one of the less toxic social media sites.

And hopefully when I figure it out we will be selling T-Shirts for a charity that helps people bury Grandmas.  


Every time you go to sit down to play Animal Crossing you put on Steven Pressfield’s War of Art  and it drives you to get back to work.  What is it like to have friends?


Me.  Phil Watson.  Person who feels strongly about burying grandmas. Current Youtuber with a super amateur interview series called Making Interview with Phil. One time political banana fellator, which doesn’t haunt me at all … 😬  and an ex novelty underwear entrepreneur.  I’ve done other things and you can find them at

Are these gay grandmas?

Chill out you homophobe.  We didn’t ask the grandmas. It’s 2020. At Bury Your Grandma we don’t descriminate. We bury grandmas indiscriminately.

Are rainbows gay?

So sometimes rainbows can be gay which is cool, but the rainbows here are intended to be “brighter future” rainbows.