Let's Get to Work and Bury Your Grandma

BuryYourGrandma.com is a website created in aid of getting people back to work, it’s a place where people who want the quarantine to end now, can meet halfway, the people who want the quarantine to continue, by volunteering to help those people, bury their elderly relatives.*  

The Sharing Economy Doesn't Have to Die, Just Your Grandma

She’s lived her life, now it’s time to get people back in Ubers and back to work.  #BuryYourGrandma

Improving Herd Immunity, One Grandma At A Time

Vaccines are hard.  You know what isn’t?  Your Grampa.  #DoesSheEvenWannaLive?

Be Our Friend

Friends have friends phone numbers.  Ours is +1-705-712-3255. Feel free to call us, but be aware that whatever message you leave on here may be shared with the public.

Cameo Promos

Not everything about the world these days is horrible.  One such not horrible thing is Cameo, the app that allows celebrities to debase themselves for small change.

Future Testimonials

Thanks to BYG my Grandma is in the ground and theres now no reason I can't get back to work.
Adam P
I used to have a Grandma. Now I have a social life.
Mike G
BuryYourGrandma.com "disrupted" my business. Now I'm homeless.
Karen W
Funeral Director


If you’d like to submit a video explaining why the world needs to go back to work, then please tag it on social media with #buryyourgrandma.  The best videos will be posted here.  The below video is my first take of trying to do a video explanation.  It didn’t go well.  Send video submissions here.

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One thing.  Please don’t use this as a place to dump the email addresses of people you don’t like, especially if they’re old. 

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* Alternatively we’d also be cool with you letting everyone work and just leaving your Grandma in quarantine instead of all the rest of us also being in quarantine for what amounts to moral support.